Friday, December 12, 2008

Response to Bloomberg December 12 article

The following quotes are taken from:
"New School’s Kerrey Plans to Stay After No-Confidence Vote Loss

Kerrey said he and the school’s chief operating officer have been working to produce a budget surplus during an economic crisis, and talk of productivity and efficiency hasn’t been popular.
This is the spin that Kerrey is trying to put on the vote of no confidence. It is erroneous. The Statement of Claims voted on by faculty makes no mention of any reaction to any currently proposed or implemented financial constraints. This is because the faculty is not concerned about any 'productivity' or 'efficiency' measures necessitated by current economic conditions. As a faculty committed to civic engagement, operating as effectively as possible with as few resources as possible is a core value of the faculty. To claim that the faculty is merely complaining about cost cutting is to fundamentally misunderstand and disrespect the extent to which the faculty are committed to the founding principles of the New School.